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“ We have no motors, We have human brains , We use them & think out of the box ” All iVAS employees share a responsibility for how we act in relation to our customers, our consumers, our owners, our suppliers and co-workers. We, as a company, must always act in a way that demonstrates that we deserve the stakeholders’ confidence and appreciation
Fast deployment, creating, managing, and hosting of the VAS platform. Telecom companies can create new services as demanded by end customers, using existing software and tools. We offers consulting for development and implementation of VAS services. Flexible customization options and creation of new policies on customer request, including charging, loyalty programs/bonuses, etc.
IVAS envisions to be globally recognizing and respecting as high end; quality mobile technology solutions provider. Our purpose is to offer unique and best exclusive value added services to telecom industry and our valuable customers. To be an efficient and customer-focused organization which is committed to maximizing returns for our people and business partners

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  • Mishary Rashed Al Afasy

    Mishary Rashed Al Afasy

  • Ashraf AbdelBaky

    Ashraf AbdelBaky

  • Theater Misr

    Theater Misr

  • Amr Diab

    Amr Diab

  • Medhat Saleh

    Medhat Saleh

  • Moustafa Amar

    Moustafa Amar

  • Mona Abdel Ghany

    Mona Abdel Ghany

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    Amina Shelbaya

  • Carmen Soliman

    Carmen Soliman

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    Hamed Zaid

  • Bahaa El Din Mohamed

    Bahaa El Din Mohamed

  • Lotfy Boshnak

    Lotfy Boshnak

  • Karim Al Shazley

    Karim Al Shazley

  • Mohamed El Nadi

    Mohamed El Nadi

  • Essam Al Shawali

    Essam Al Shawali

  • Ahmed El Talhy

    Ahmed El Talhy

  • Abdel Rahman Abo Shaar

    Abdel Rahman Abo Shaar

  • Amer Al Mohalhal

    Amer Al Mohalhal

  • Moustafa Gad

    Moustafa Gad

  • Saber El Robaey

    Saber El Robaey

  • Mohamed El Tablawi

    Mohamed El Tablawi

  • Haitham Orabi

    Haitham Orabi

  • Hesham Al Gakh

    Hesham Al Gakh

  • Talal Fakher

    Talal Fakher

  • Reda Taema

    Reda Taema

  • Hasan El Mestekawy

    Hasan El Mestekawy

  • Protect ME Egypt

    Protect ME Egypt

  • Thearer Misr Puppets

    Thearer Misr Puppets

  • Abo Shaar Bro

    Abo Shaar Bro

  • Dar Ajial

    Dar Ajial

  • Waffarly


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  • Scene Production

    Scene Production

  • El Badil

    El Badil

  • Khetmet Al Quraan

    Khetmet Al Quraan

Our Smart People

Haitham Shaker

CEO & Founder

Tamer Khalil

Financial Manager

Islam Ali

Business Development Manager

Saad El Shemary

Content Manager

Remon Ashraf

Social Media Manager

Sayed Aref

Multimedia Manager

Youssef Wadea

Technical Vas Manager

Mohamed Abo El Gokh

Upload Manager

Moustafa Belal

Brand Manager

Hussien Mohamed

Team Leader Content

Reem Mohamed

CEO Assistant

Adel Hussein

Legal Consultant

Hany Shaker

Quality Control Manager

Hossam El Din Adel

Purchasing Specialist

Sara Sharkawy

HR Assistant

Tasneem Mahmoud

HR Specialist

Mayar Nasr

Admin Assistant

Donia El Samman

Admin Assistant

Islam Hassan

Financial Accountant

Mohamed Samy

Financial Accountant

Mohanad Abdel Aty

Financial Accountant

Rana Mohamed

P.O Specialist

Ehab Mira

Senior Graphic Designer

Rana El Mallah

Junior Social Media Specialist

Maged Maher


Menna El Baz

Junior Social Media Specialist

Passant Salah

Account Manager

Mostafa Ibrahim

Account Manager

Mohamed Ayman

Account Manager

Ahmed Samer

Account Manager

Ayman Abo El Eneen

Account Manager

Ahmed Fouad

Account Manager

Mohamed El Aswad

Account Manager

Wael Sabry

Senior Linux System Administator

Ramy Magdy

IT Specialist

Hussam Nagy

IOS Developer

Mohamed Massoud

IT Technical Support Specialist

Ahmed Abo El Wafa

IT Help Desk Specialist

Aya Khalil

Content Specialist

Aya Gouda

Video & Graphic Designer

Dalia Mohamed

Video & Graphic Designer

Ebram Ayad

Video Designer

Emad Mohamed

Senior Software Engineer

Ahmed Fekry

Back-End Developer

AbdelRahman Haridy

Front-End Developer

Ahmed Akl

Senior Android Developer

Sara Khater

Senior Android Developer

Ola Farag

Android Trainee

Sherif Hussien


Lubna Fouad

Senior Graphic Designer

Hesham Zaki

Middle Weight Motion Graphic Designer

Osama Oraby

Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Maher Nour

Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Mohamed Gamal

Junior Motion Graphic Designer


Office Support


Office Support





Abdel Sattar

Office Support


Office Support

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