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“We have no motors, We have human brains, We use them & think out of the box”

All iVAS employees share a responsibility for how we act in relation to our customers, our consumers, our owners, our suppliers and co-workers. We, as a company, must always act in a way that demonstrates that we deserve the stakeholders’ confidence and appreciation.


Our Vision

Fast deployment, creating, managing, and hosting of the VAS platform. Telecom companies can create new services as demanded by end customers, using existing software and tools.

We offers consulting for development and implementation of VAS services. Flexible customization options and creation of new policies on customer request, including charging, loyalty programs/bonuses, etc.


Our Mission

IVAS envisions to be globally recognizing and respecting as high end; quality mobile technology solutions provider. Our purpose is to offer unique and best exclusive value added services to telecom industry and our valuable customers. To be an efficient and customer-focused organization which is committed to maximizing returns for our people and business partners


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