Ring Back Tone

//Ring Back Tone

IVAS delivers RBT management solutions with full customization according to clients’ requirements. For RBT service we develop WEB\WAP portals under the operator’s brand, IVR structure with creative prompts recording, and SMS with operator’s characteristics.

Ring back tones are music or sounds that the user chooses for their callers to hear while they wait for them to pick-up, rather than hearing a normal dial-tone. It is a way for mobile users to personalize and customize their phones, according to their own personal preferences.

RBT is also known as call tone can range from parts of hit songs to movie clip dialogues, personalized greeting to sports chants. The content used for this service is directly affected by events and trends and have become increasingly popular in this region of the world over the past 10 years. RBTs are stored in the mobile operators’ networks and cannot be downloaded or pirated, therefore they generate large revenues for music labels, content providers and mobile operators alike.

IVAS aggregates more than 20,000 RBT files and has exclusive worldwide rights to more than 5,000 music tracks, in which it works directly with record labels, music producers and artists from around the Middle East to offer mobile users premium, and sometimes pre-released, content for them to enjoy via RBT. We have expanded our content distribution network to include over 15 operators in the region due to our catalogue which is second to none.

IVAS has also acquired worldwide rights to the top music labels in the region and works directly with some of the most well-known artists in the Middle East to offer premium content to our partners. Egypt Linx also produces world-class content for exploitation on operators’ RBT platforms and we collaborate with some of the best writers, producers and music moguls offer a content repertoire that is second to none.